The back office is the back-end of your PrestaShop website, where all the administration takes place. In other words, everything that is visible to visitors and customers in the front office (the public, visible part of your site) is managed directly by the back office: adding or modifying products, modifying the menu, setting up discounts, managing orders, or after-sales service, etc.

💡 Have fun testing the default front and back offices of a PrestaShop store by visiting the demo site:

Once you are logged in, you will spend a lot of time there, so it is advisable to keep the link to your back office as a favorite! Here are the steps to follow to access this administration interface:

  1. Have your login and password ready (provided when installing your store)
  2. Go to the login page (link sent via email)
  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. Log in to access the back office

How to find the login page?

The back office login page is essential to access the administration of your store, save it so you don’t lose it! If despite all these precautions, you are unable to find it, you can use the name of the file to access it again.

During the installation, PrestaShop renames the administration folder to give it a unique name and secure access: “/admin” becomes, for example, “/admin7703“. This unique name can help you get access to your back office. In our example, we would type the following URL,, to find the administration login page of your store.

This name change is automatically done by PrestaShop at the time of installation. Make sure you remember the name of this folder the first time you access the back office!

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