AT Admin Pro Tools

Allows you to easily hide any unnecessary Prestashop-related information, and customize the admin interface to fit your unique needs. Also, you can delete an order and log in to the user account directly from the admin page without a password.



What this module does for you

  • Customize the interface of the admin page in a professional way.
  • Hide unnecessary information in the admin page, optimize your store.
  • Hide information related to Prestashop.
  • Store security, don’t let employees know what system you’re using.
  • Delete orders easily
  • Login to customer account from admin page without password.
  • Easily customize the admin login page


  • Change admin page logo and login page logo
  • Hide unnecessary information
  • Hide information related to Prestashop.
  • Change the interface of the admin page and the login page.
  • Admin page security
  • Delete order.
  • Log in to the customer account from the admin page.
Additional information

3 months support, 12 months support


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