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We are best known for comprehensive SEO booster expert, but we also offer separately optimized apps such as image compression、Broken Link redirects, and our aim is to optimize your website in different ways and improve your website ranking.


SEO your store effectively - what to begin?

SEO directly affects your website ranking, your traffic and hence conversion rate. But what exactly do you have to do with SEO?

In the simplest words, SEO can be broken down into two tasks:

- On-page SEO: optimizing all elements on your websites such as content, web structures, images, loading speed, etc.
- Off-page SEO: building backlinks and references from reputable websites to yours

Which one is more important?

There is no exact answer because you need both to be ranked better on Google search. But being smart merchants, we usually start with on-page SEO first. It is easier and takes less time than building off-page SEO.


Advanced image reduction

Can significantly reduce your image sizes by almost three quarters while retaining excellent visual quality. Changes are usually not noticeable to the human eye.

Standard image reduction

Don’t want to reduce your image sizes too much? Optimize your images by almost a third without sacrificing any quality whatsoever.

Improve image-related SEO

Automatically generates ALT tags for your images to boost your SEO efforts.

Best image file format analysis

Optimise your store with a few clicks without the need of technical knowledge.

Control 3rd party app scripts

Significantly improve loading times! If you don't need third party apps to load on certain pages, disable them.

No technical expertise needed

Easy to install and set up, so you won’t need any technical knowledge to use the app. We’re on hand 24/7 if you have any queries.

SEOAnt SEO all-in-one Solution Expert

SEO customization service that provides professional improvement suggestions to help you improve your Google rankings and boost conversions

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Lossless Comparession Artifact

Image optimizer that compresses image size losslessly and adds image Alt and watermark

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Bulk Redirect 404 Link Tool

Bulk redirect broken links to target pages, minimizing negative SEO impact

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