AT Image Optimizer Page Speed

Improve performance, images, SEO Google ranking, save bandwidth for your website. Everything is built in to help you get everything done in seconds.


What this module does for you?
  • Performance improvement, Google SEO Ranking
  • Save bandwidth
  • A blazing fast website in the blink of an eye
  • Faster Google index of websites images, content.
  • Makes the whole image lighter.
  • Supports Google’s standard WebP images
  • Optimize image ALT Tag
  • Safely protect original images
  • Supports recover images
  • Supports watermark images
  • Space optimize for your server
  • Support GZip Compression, optimize JS/CSS/Image resource cache,….
  • Site verification
  • Integration with 3rd party software with Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Search Console
  • Support Image Swap
  • Automatically detect 404 links for your shop
  • Automatically process images when new images are added to your shop
  • Automatically update Sitemap Image for your shop
  • Modern interface, easy to use. Single Page App

Speed Up

  • This is a combo feature that makes your web pages fast on all devices. Highly improved Page Speed Performance score. We’ve helped a lot of shops to 9x (GREEN). 100% Guarantee to improve performance in store.
  • Pre-load your pages and optimize image sizes to bring more wow customer experiences
  • GZIP Compression & Improve Caching

Image Optimization

  • Allows you to compress all images
  • Lazy Load of all kinds of images
  • Allows you to convert all images to WebP format (an image format developed by Google to increase SEO)
  • Help your website load faster, save more bandwidth.

Optimize Image ALT tag

  • Supports many variables to allow you to freely customize Alt Tag Image structure to optimize image SEO.
  • Support multi-language. Allows you to customize each language with a structure.


  • Google PageSpeed Insights Integration
  • Show metrics related to image for you
  • Support activities log

One-click & Auto Pilot

  • Save your time and effort on optimizing your store. Just one click to install SEO manager and let everything run automatically

Integration with 3rd party

  • Module integrated with Google PageSpeed Insights will calculate SEO Performance score for your shop
  • Integrate with Google Search Console, help you measure your sites Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results.

Watermark Image

  • Protection of confidential information from theft or forgery.
  • Identification of document authenticity and copyright.
  • Branding to increase brand awareness.
  • Protection of personal files from the hands of fraudsters and those who want to use them without permission.

404 Pages

  • Automatically detect 404 links to direct your customers to the page you want
  • Save links with 404 status for you

Swap Image

  • Allows your customers to preview multiple images right on the collection page.

Activity Log

  • Tracking who compresses images, who recover images, who updates products, who adds new images to your shop. When does the system automatically process images ? When does the system automatically update the Sitemap?, … Everything will be tracked for you.

Space Optimize

  • Allows you to remove images that your website does not need to free up storage your server
  • You can also resize the image types or create new image types to resize the images in the most optimal way

Protect the original image safely

  • You can rest assured that when using this module, your original images will be safe. With recover image feature, you can recover all imageĀ  to original state whenever you want.

Single Page App

  • Providing you with the best user experience, the easiest to use, modern interface, constantly updated features.
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3 months support, 12 months support


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