AliExpress is currently one of the most popular online marketplaces with over 100 million products ready for sale. Dropshipping AliExpress is an optimal choice for you because of the variety and availability of products at affordable prices. The following article will provide information to help you have a more specific view and guide you on how to sell dropshipping with Aliexpress.

1. What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is owned by Alibaba Group, China. The platform, created as an affiliate of in 2010, is a place for businesses to sell to consumers (B2C).

As of now, AliExpress is one of the leading cross-border online B2C eCommerce marketplaces with over 150 million buyers in 220 countries and territories worldwide. According to statistics, the platform has more than 100 million products ready for sale, with more than 6000 product categories from 45 different industries in China. Buyers come to AliExpress to find quality goods at attractive prices, and have the ability to buy in very small quantities and this has become a perfect place for dropshipping.

aliexpress dropshipping

2. How does AliExpress dropshipping work?

The AliExpress Dropshipping model is quite simple with 3 steps similar to the regular dropshipping sales model:

  • Step 1: First, you need to set up an online store to sell your goods.
  • Step 2: After a customer makes a purchase on your store, you place an order with a seller on AliExpress.
  • Step 3: After that, the order will be picked up (sourcing), packed (packing) and shipped (delivering) to the customer’s address. During that time, the tracking number (tracking number) – the code to track the status of the order, will be communicated to you and the customer.

The Dropshipping process ends when the customer receives the order successfully. The price difference between the customer and the product supplier on Aliexpress is your profit. As you grow and scale your store, you can send bulk orders to these suppliers for better prices and terms.

3. The advantages and disadvantages of AliExpress Dropshipping

Just like any other platform, Dropshipping business with AliExpress also has its advantages and disadvantages. This will be clarified shortly:

3.1. Advantage

aliexpress dropshipping

  • AliExpress has a database of hundreds of millions of products with many categories, models, and designs from fashion, cosmetics, household goods, machinery, electronics, etc. grant. You can easily find any winning product with different prices on this platform.
  • Starting a Dropshipping business with AliExpress is 100% free. Some other services may charge a startup fee and a monthly recurring fee of hundreds of dollars. This can be a huge burden for those trying to develop a dropship business with minimal capital. As such, AliExpress makes it easy to get started and this is a big plus.
  • You are free to control your own profit margin. Besides, the prices of AliExpress products are extremely low and this allows you to make a lot of profit.
  • Trending products appear quickly, even overnight. When a trending product comes out in the world, you can bet you can find them on AliExpress.
  • There is no minimum order requirement. Unlike other dropshipping suppliers with MOQ , AliExpress allows dropshipping buyers to purchase 1 item and ship it directly to their customers.
  • Returns allowed: AliExpress allows returns and exchanges if the product is not as described by the seller. This gives peace of mind and guarantees safety when ordering on AliExpress.
  • Strict seller management page: To sell on AliExpress, sellers must provide complete information about their products and stores. Besides, the platform allows buyers to leave objective reviews and comments. Therefore, you can choose reputable sellers and be assured of product quality.
  • Suppliers at AliExpress are very familiar with the dropshipping model, you can ask them to help with your brand by replacing your own logo, packaging, discount codes, gifts….

3.2. Restrict

  • Slow shipping time: Most of the products on AliExpress are stocked in China, so it will take time for international shipping. In some cases, shipping can take more than 1 month. However, if you use an ePacket shipping package, you can shorten this time period.
  • Fierce competition: AliExpress is a fertile ground for Dropshipping business, so the number of dropshippers is increasing. You need to have a good customer outreach and promotion strategy to compete in this environment.
  • You cannot merge orders. If a customer orders three items from three different suppliers, the orders will not be able to be consolidated and shipped to them at the same time. This can cause inconvenience to customers.

4. So should you use AliExpress in your dropshipping business?

From the advantages and disadvantages analyzed above, you can see that AliExpress is absolutely a great choice for Dropshipping business. This is a platform that gives you a wide choice of goods at competitive prices, has safe buyer protections, allows buying in small quantities, among other advantages. While there are downsides, this is unavoidable. Moreover, you absolutely can have plans to overcome these minus points. Therefore, if you are starting your career as a dropshipper, AliExpress is a good source to choose from!

5. Guide to selling dropshipping with AliExpress for newbies!

5.1. Research the market and find products to sell

When doing dropshipping business, choosing a niche and product is extremely important. AliExpress has hundreds of millions of products, but not all of them are suitable for you to dropshipping. You need to find the best and most suitable product to start your business journey.

The advice for you at this step is that you should find and sell products that you love and are knowledgeable about. At the same time, it should be a niche market with a wide selection of goods. Ideally, you choose products that are not available at local stores or mainstream e-commerce stores as they will be easier to sell.

5.2. Looking for potential suppliers

After figuring out the products you want to sell, you need to find potential dropshipping suppliers to work with. Some criteria you can base on when choosing a provider include:

  • Check product price: Compare the prices of many different suppliers to choose from.
  • View customer reviews and reviews: These comments help you somewhat visualize the product quality and customer care service of the supplier. A good supplier is when you receive a lot of positive feedback (from 4 stars or more) from customers.
  • Find suppliers that use ePacket: Delivery time for dropshipping products is especially important. ePacket – AliExpress Premium Shipping, is the best balance between cheap and fast.
  • Check the supplier’s policies and terms such as shipping, return and exchange policies, etc. to be sure of the service quality of the supplier. Knowing these things will help you protect your interests in future incidents and consider the possibility of long-term cooperation with suppliers.

5.3. Build a platform to sell


Once you have selected your product and supplier; it’s time for you to set up your dropshipping store. You can choose a platform and start building your store by creating a product listing. There are many platforms, but the best and free platform, Prestashop is a reasonable choice.

PrestaShop – E-commerce website solution for individuals and businesses with the most complete and complete functions of a professional website 2.0 to sell online e-Commerce shopping cart.

It is written in PHP language and is open source. Installing Prestashop is really easy and you can extend your store functionality with Modules

You can find out here:

After you have an online store, your next thing is to find a Module that helps handle Dropshipping jobs with AliExpress. The featured AliExpress Dropshipping plugin on Prestashop is “AT Aliexpress Dropshipping

With the above Module, you can import products from AliExpress to your store with just 1 click. Easy-to-use interface that automates Dropshipping tasks. You can view the Module here.
Introduction video about “AT Aliexpress Dropshipping Module”:

It can be said that starting a Dropshipping business on AliExpress with support from the AT Aliexpress Dropshipping Module will be easier than ever!

In summary, AliExpress can be considered a fertile ground for those who want to do Dropshipping business, because of its wide range of products, competitive prices, worldwide coverage, and many other advantages. If you want to start selling Dropshipping, AT Aliexpress Dropshipping Module will be your perfect companion!

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