To improve your product listing as well as increase your store’s visibility we suggest that you carefully fill out the various SEO fields: meta titles, meta descriptions, and keywords and friendly URLs.

“SEO” itself stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. To access this information, open the “SEO” tab. The fields on this page enable you to directly optimize your catalog’s visibility on search engines.

Meta title. This is the most important field, as the title that will appear on all search engines. Be very factual: you must convince the search engine user to click your link, not one from another site. Make sure the title is unique to this product within your site.

Good example: “Levi’s 501® Original Jeans – Tidal Blue – Original Fit”.
Bad example: “Item #02769869B bestseller”.

Meta description. A presentation of the product in just a couple lines (ideally less than 155 characters), intended to capture customer’s interest. This will appear in the results for some search engines, depending on the search request: some search engines might choose to display the searched keywords directly in the context of the page content. Make sure the description is unique to this product within your site.

Friendly URL. This is another extremely important field. It enables you to rewrite the web addresses of your products as you wish. For example, instead of having an address such as

You can have:

All you need to do is indicate in the “Friendly URL” field the words that you wish to see appear instead of the default name, separated by dashes. This makes it easier for search engines to reference your products. It is better to avoid accented and special characters.

The “Generate” button makes it easy to produce a friendly URL based on the product name. Once generated, you can edit the URL produced if necessary.

Friendly URLs will only work if URL rewriting is enabled. You can do this on the Shop Parameters -> SEO & URL’s -> Set up URL’s section.
Check with your web host that URL rewriting is enabled on the server.

Redirection page
If you need to disable the product, you can choose the redirection you want.

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