The top bar on any PrestaShop page gives you one-click access to important information – in the form of links or notifications:

  1. Version: to the right of the PrestaShop logo, you will find the version number of your store.
  2. Shortcuts: this drop-down menu allows you to group together quick accesses to your most useful pages, but also to add one directly from the page of your choice or to customize these shortcuts.
  3. Search: this bar allows you to search the content of your back office. Click on the drop-down menu to refine the search.
  4. Preview: the “See my store” link opens a new tab in your browser and displays the homepage of your site.
  5. Bell: this icon warns you when you have a new notification, the number of pending notifications is displayed in a small bubble above.
  6. Profile: this menu not only redirects to your employee account preference page (e.g. to set the back office language or manage your current password) but also lists various useful links as well as a logout link.

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