Your “Dashboard” 

Let’s now explore the content of the Dashboard itself!


Three sets of options are available:

  1. Current day, month or year.
  2. Previous day, month or year.
  3. Precise date selection (the button on the right, which opens a date selector).

Choosing an option updates all the blocks of content that are on the Dashboard so that they display data for the chosen period of time only. Blocks that are not stats-based do not change.

In order to choose a period of time, you can either click the first and last date of that period in the calendar (the clicking order does not matter), or you can type the dates in the YYYY-MM-DD format in the text boxes. Click “Apply” to see the Dashboard change according to your settings.

You can also compare two periods of time together by checking the “Compare To” box. Select the second period as you would do for the first one (the two can even overlap), then click on the “Apply” button.

When comparing two periods, some of the content blocks will update to indicate the evolution of the data (see for instance the main “Dashboard” block, which presents data from the Dashboard Trends module).

By default, there are three blocks of content in this column, which are handled by modules:

1. Dashboard (Dashboard Trends module).

This is the main block of information on the dashboard. With its various graphs, it really helps you see if your shop is headed in the right direction or not. Click on one of the graph types to display it. Additionally, when comparing two time periods, it displays the evolution of each figure in percentages. Hover over the graph with your mouse to see the details.

Clicking on its configuration icon (configuration.png) opens a new page where you can set various expenses that your shop has (bank wire fee, average shipping fee, hosting expenses, etc.), in order to better indicate your trends.

2. Your Forecast (Dashboard Goals module).

This block presents you with the goals you have for the coming months, and how your shop is doing compared to them. Hover over the graph with your mouse to see the details.

3.Products and sales (Dashboard Products module).

This block presents you with a table of your latest orders and a ranking of your products: bestsellers, most viewed and top searches (as searched in your shop’s search form, not from search engines)

You can set the number of items to display in each by clicking on the block’s configuration icon (configuration.png).

Activity Overview:

By default, this column presents you with data from the Dashboard Activity module, which gives the main figures from your database at a glance:

  1. Online visitors in the last 30 minutes.
  2. Active shopping carts in the last 30 minutes.
  3. Currently pending orders, return/exchange inquiries, abandoned carts and out of stock products.
  4. Notifications of new messages, order inquiries and product reviews.
  5. New customers and new newsletter subscriptions.
  6. Traffic statistics: visits, unique visitors, traffic sources and direct links.


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